Rectangle Pine Wood Photo Block

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Stand alone pine timber wooden photo blocks are great, unique and simple way how to display your memories. We are using the newest environmentally friendly printing technology capable of printing directly on wooden surface.

Product can be simply displayed sitting on your office desk, shelving, bed side table and other flat surfaces.

Why Choose Wooden Photo Prints?

✅ A Memorising Way To Display Photos

Seriously, now you can print your photos on wood! The high quality, natural wood creates a premium and beautiful look in conjunction with the personalised photos.

✅ Truly Unique

The one-of-a -kind and beautiful features of the wood like unique wood grain, grooves and knots makes the wooden print block a truly unique gift. With each block completely sanded and finished with a protective coat, this is a gift that will last a lifetime.

✅ A Great Gift For Multiple Occasions

Featuring its uniqueness and thoughtful designs, this is the perfect gift for Weddings, Baby Shower, Birthdays, Anniversary and any other special occasions.

Personalised Wooden Photo Block Australia


Small Rectangle - 210 x 140 x 35 mm

Medium Rectangle - 290 x 190 x 35 mm

Large Rectangle - 210 x 140 x 35 mm


Natural Grain - this print method uses the naturally grained structure of the wooden surface to give the final product vintage like rustic look, preserving its natural structure.

White Base - with this print method we print white under base first between your image and wooden surface, to give your final product real stand out look.

  • Please make sure that you upload only artwork you own, or having rights for
  • Given wooden block rectangle layout, horizontal images will work the best 
  • Better image quality is, better your print will look, ideally 300 dpi.
  • We will crop your image to fit on the block, please send us email if you have specific requirements to
  • Given the unique structure of each wooden block, no two blocks with same image will look exactly same, we however put every effort to make sure your final product is perfect


It's super simple, just upload the photo and we will extract the face you'd like to have printed on the wooden block. If there is more people on the photo, please specify which one we should print. Make sure the face is well visible and it's a good resolution.