• Kids Drawing Mug
  • Kids Drawing Mug
  • Kids Drawing Mug

Child Drawing Printed on Mug

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Have your children's drawing or painting printed on a mug. Super personalised gift idea from children for mum, dad, grandma, grandpa.
Personalised Feature:
We can add any text or have it in your drawing.
  1. Simply have your children draw a picture for mum or dad.
  2. Scan the final drawing and upload the image through our "design your own" section or send it to us on our email:

Product Feature:

  • Printable size of the mug is: 9cm high and 21cm in the round. But we can adjust drawing to the right size for you.
  • Decorated in Melbourne, Victoria.
  • Premium AAA grade white 11oz coffee mugs
  • Coated with the Orca coating - guaranteed for 3000 dishwasher cycles
  • Size: 82mm x 95mm

Why choose Personalised Mug as a gift?


It’s Personalised

Our mugs’ personalisable feature adds authenticity and a personal touch to the gift. You can add anything - Be it a heartfelt message, some random quote you and your best friend came up with, a photo of your best friend's silly face, your family member’s nickname or just a simple “I Love You”. You have full control over what you want to say. 

Wide Variety of Options

Choosing gifts can be tough, especially when you’re choosing gifts for a group of people at the same time. With our mugs you can add a different message or image for each one of your gift recipients, which means you can get meaningful, heartfelt gifts with less hassle. 

A Great Pairing Gift

More, more, more! Nobody would be unhappy if you give them more gifts. If you’re thinking about pairing gifts, a personalised mug is a good choice. Try placing plants or succulents in the mug or mix confectioneries together with a sweet message personalised for your gift recipients. Pairing up mugs with another gift is simple, yet thoughtful. 

Never Gets Old

Some gifts only have a few uses, for example, gift cards or candles. On the other hand, mugs last a lifetime, if you take good care of them. It can be a great way to remember your loved ones even when you are miles apart or seldom see each other.