Wooden Prints Versus Metal Prints: Which One Should You Get

Wooden Prints Versus Metal Prints: Which One Should You Get

During every important moment in life, humans take photographs and print them out to cherish as precious memories. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing which products to print your photos on. There are simply too many choices out there where every one of them seems to be the perfect one.

In my opinion, there are two stunning and creative ways for you to print your important photos: Wooden prints and Metal Prints. To help you decide which one is the best for you, I will tell you about their characteristics and uniqueness.

What is wooden print

Wooden print is a one-of-a-kind work of art combining the rich and natural grain of maple with a photograph. It adds authentic beauty to your photographs and make them stand out from ordinary photo prints.  

An interesting fact about personalised wooden prints is that every photo printed on a wooden block is unique in its own ways. If you print lighter color onto the wooden block, it affects the wood grain and allows it to subtly come through on the surface. Conversely, darker color brings a warmer tone, just like adding a filter on your photos.  

How do wooden prints look on display?

If we have to sum up in two words - absolutely stunning. No two wooden prints will look the same, meaning that every personalised wooden prints that you got can never be replicated. Feel free to display your wooden prints with other art pieces, or just as a standalone. The weight of the fine art product shows the quality unlike any other.

What makes wooden prints stand out

The beauty about wooden prints is that they do really well with natural light and outdoor photographs. Be it scenery, landscape or portrait setting, we find that the colors naturally translate well into an authentic, unique piece or art.

What is metal print

Metal artwork has been around for a long time, its presence can be traced back to as far as 7000 B.C. While in the present, we have successfully created metal print, a different kind of artwork for the modern times. Metal print, also known as metallic print, is essentially layering high definition images onto a piece of metal (usually aluminum). 

Different from the wooden prints, the metallic prints represent a modern, luminous and a truly timeless art piece. It’s glossy surface brings photographs to life and is often a good conversation starter. 

Why we like metal prints

There are many things we love about metal prints, one of them being its unique, frameless design. Unlike traditional frames, metal prints offer a clean and modern look with its edgeless design. It is also a plus that you don’t have to deal with framing as the art piece is ready as soon as it arrives.

Another great thing about personalised metal prints is the durability. With its scratch resistant and waterproof features, you can display the prints anywhere without fear of damages. The immense longevity means that your metal print will remain in its pristine condition over time, it’ll look as perfect as day one even after years of displaying.

Choosing metal prints surface finish

The brilliance of metal print is that the image is not printed on top of the metal, but infused with it. The process enhances the image with clearer and more radiant colors. Furthermore, there are several surface finishes you can choose from when printing on metal.

White Base: The aluminium provides a white coated base to give images a true to life look.

Ultra Gloss: Offering a brilliant high gloss surface for highly saturated colour and clear detail. This is our most popular option suitable for most applications, it never disappoints.

Semi Gloss: Beautiful white base surface when you are looking for prints which are in between ultra gloss and matte finish, with less reflection.

Matte Finish: Softer and more subtle finish with great print result with lower reflection.

If you made it this far, you should know everything about wooden prints and metal prints. With art pieces, there are no right and wrongs. In the end, it is up to you to decide which one you prefer by looking at their unique features. Whether it is wooden or metal prints that you ultimately choose, rest assured that these artworks will stand the test of time and bring good memories to you for many years to come.