Why Personalised Photo Gift is a Life Hack

Why Personalised Photo Gift is a Life Hack

Have you ever wondered what people secretly think about the gifts that you gave them? It is a hard question, because everyone is too polite to offer their real opinion on gifts received.

The truth is most of the items that we give to people will end up somewhere in the corner. See, it is hard to choose a gift. How would I know what people like?

People’s preferences are diverse, and hard to guess. Unless you really know someone, it would be quite impossible to guess what designs they like on a shirt, or what flavours of candle they prefer.

But worry not, there is an easy solution to this problem.

A Personalised Photo Gift.

Let me explain to you how a perfectly chosen personalised photo gift can talk to your recipient like no other gifts could. But first, a quote from Carlos Ruiz Zafón to remind us why we give gifts:

“Presents are made for the pleasure of who gives them, not the merits of who receives them.”

In a World Full of Gifts

We live in a world where everywhere is full of “something”. You go into a shopping mall and see all kinds of products; everything is so appealing and shiny. In a gift shopping session, you feel like there are tons of suitable gifts, but in the end, you choose nothing.

That is the problem.

There are too many choices. And the items seem to be more beautiful than the next one. However, I can bet 80% of them don't offer a great meaning. In apparels, there are thousands of clothes with pop culture designs printed on them, but how many of them speak to your recipients’ heart?

A personalised gift can. It speaks to your recipient’s heart like no other. It stands tall on a sea full of boring, usual gifts. The moment your someone receives a personalised photo gift; they immediately feel the thoughts you put into it. The love and appreciation you go through all the trouble, just to find a beautiful photo of them and print it on something they appreciate.

It’s about them

Gifting is a skill. You might think: “That’s a serious way to think about something as light as a gift!”. But if we are going to continue gifting every holiday occasion and on birthdays, why not get better at it?

Gifting is about them. It’s never about us. Oftentimes we think about gifting as what we think of the other person, instead of what the other person thinks of themselves.

As a result, we often give items that ourselves like, things that we prefer. Remember, gifting is about what the other person thinks of himself or herself.

Who’s the first person you look at in a group photo where you’re in it?

Correct. That’s why a personalised photo gift can be such an impact. A gift like the photo cushions and the custom face socks give your recipient a sense of importance, it is their face after all.

Furthermore, it is a fun way to put your loved ones’ faces on items that they often use.

A Reminder of Love

If you are someone who lives away from your family, how many times have you looked out the window and think: How is my family doing?

To be honest with you, I think about it all the time. When someone is away from their closest family members, all they want is something to remind themselves of the good times they’ve had.

It’s a reminder of love and appreciation.

A custom mug and personalised keychain work well in this situation. It’s something that a person often uses: keys to open doors and mugs to drink water. When you print a personalised photo on an otherwise common item, it brings a sense of belongingness to that item.

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Some gifts never last. Be it candles, consumables or confectionaries. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Not with a personalised photo gift, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

If you send someone a personalised photo cushion, it is going to stay in the living room for a long time. And every time someone looks at the photo with beautiful memories on the custom cushion, a smile lights up.

Give your loved ones something that will last for a long time. Just like your love for them.

Personalised photo gift is a life hack. When you use it well, it’ll bring many smiles to the people around you. Let’s go give some smiles to people around us!