Top 5 Personalised Australian Baby Gifts for New Parents

Top 5 Personalised Australian Baby Gifts for New Parents

If you have children, you likely know new parents don’t have the time to look after themselves when they are too busy pouring their heart, soul, and time into their little human. New mothers and fathers are probably the most benevolent individuals there are. All parents deserve a touch of spoiling and pampering for their unwavering care for their children.

If you’re looking to buy gifts for new parents, then this article is for you.

Personalised modern metal prints and wooden photo block

New parents love to document their life including precious moments with the newborn. Although documentation of these moments can be achieved by taking photographs on smartphones, we love the authenticity of photographs being printed on real life objects.

It’s pretty easy to get a photo printed onto wood or metal nowadays. At The Print Cave we offer personalised wooden photo blocks and metal prints that’ll last you a lifetime.

Personalised keyring

Another useful gift we recommend giving to new parents is personalised keyring. With personalised keyring you can print anything you want, including cute baby photos! 

Explore our range of personalised keyring in leather, wood or as a multipurpose tool. We offer personalisation on all the keyrings, you can upload photos on any of the keyrings.

Personalised pyjamas

If you know someone who is on maternity leave and spends a lot of time at home, then personalised pyjamas is a good pick. It’s comfortable enough to walk around the house, while taking care of the newest addition in the family. The best thing about personalised pyjamas is that you can print baby faces on them!

Customised wallet

Behind each parent is a concealed diaper bag battle that nobody sees: Did we make sure to place in child wipes? Check. Additional wipes? Check. Money for lunch? Oops! Forgotten. 

Many times the wallet is forgotten at home and it could help to have an additional wallet in the diaper bag. Try looking for a charming, bright alternative that is easily spotted among the diaper cream and burp materials. The best kind is diaper bag wristlets or wallets that serve as a compact evolving pad will save you a lot of time and effort.


Personalised Guided Journals

The days spent with children can feel long, yet the time passes by so quickly, new mums and dads can be too overwhelmed to continuously write down valuable moments they need to recollect. 

Journals are perfect gifts for parents who like to record daily moments by writing and drawing. It could be an invaluable collection down the years when the children have grown up, and you have all the precious memories stored forever in a journal.

Go and make new parents happy! Let us know the gift ideas you have in the comments below.