The Ultimate Gifting Guide On How To Choose The Perfect Gift

The Ultimate Gifting Guide On How To Choose The Perfect Gift

Everyone with experience of gifting has thought of this question before. It is the question almost every human being faces at least once in their lifetime.

“How to find the perfect gift?”

Well, we surely understand the struggle. Choosing gifts can be hard, especially when you have to consider many factors including a person’s personality, taste, preferences, and much more. 

I want to show you exactly how you can cut your time spent choosing a gift by half.

Gifting is a culture that isn’t going anywhere, and you’re probably reading this article because you are struggling to find the perfect gift. Once you read through the information shared here, you’ll become a gifting master.

And it’s going to make a huge difference. If there is one important thing about this article, it is this:


If you haven’t read the previous blog post about why personalised gifts are the best choice, you can read it here. In this article I am going to show you the benefits and features of different personalised gifts. Are you ready? 

Let’s talk about Face Socks, what makes them so great?

It’s Personalised. Add a personal touch to your gift. You can add anything - A photo of your best friend's silly face, your family member’s nickname or just a simple “I Love You”. You have full control over what you want to say. 

A Fun Gift. It’s fun! Printing a silly face on the face socks will definitely put a smile on your gift recipient's face. Try it and let us know how it goes. 

Practical. Face socks are original and practical. Your friends can wear the face socks that you gave on a cold, cold winter night or on a gang’s night out. You can choose from our wide range of designs including classic custom socks, pet socks, dad socks and more.

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What about Custom Mugs, what’s interesting about them?

Again, It’s personalised. Our mugs’ personalisable feature adds authenticity and a personal touch to the gift. You can add anything - Be it a heartfelt message, some random quote you and your best friend came up with, a photo of your best friend's silly face, your family member’s nickname or just a simple “I Love You”. You have full control over what you want to say. 

Wide variety of options. Choosing gifts can be tough, especially when you’re choosing gifts for a group of people at the same time. With our mugs you can add a different message or image for each one of your gift recipients, which means you can get meaningful, heartfelt gifts with less hassle.

A great pairing gift. More, more, more! Nobody would be unhappy if you give them more gifts. If you’re thinking about pairing gifts, a personalised mug is a good choice. Try placing plants or succulents in the mug or mix confectionaries together with a sweet message personalised for your gift recipients. Pairing up mugs with another gift is simple, yet thoughtful.  

Never gets old. Some gifts only have a few uses, for example, gift cards or candles. On the other hand, mugs last a lifetime, if you take good care of them. It can be a great way to remember your loved ones even when you are miles apart or seldom see each other.

Now, what about wooden block prints?

A Memorising Way To Display Photos. Seriously, now you can print your photos on wood! The high quality, natural wood creates a premium and beautiful look in conjunction with the personalised photos.

Truly Unique. The one-of-a -kind and beautiful features of the wood like unique wood grain, grooves and knots makes the wooden print block a truly unique gift. With each block completely sanded and finished with a protective coat, this is a gift that will last a lifetime.

A Great Gift For Multiple Occasions. Featuring its uniqueness and thoughtful designs, this is the perfect gift for Weddings, Baby Shower, Birthdays, Anniversary and any other special occasions.

We've talked about why personalised gift is a life hack here.

Since we know the uniqueness and benefits of all these personalised gifts, now does a person’s personality play a part in the gift choosing process?

Undeniably a person’s preference on gifts or life choices very much depends on his/her personality, the trick here is to choose your gifts thoughtfully and we’re here to help you do that. By focusing on a person’s personality and habits while choosing gifts, we are more likely to give them something they’re likely to enjoy and use. On the contrary a generic gift will probably suffer the fate of collecting dust in one corner of the house. Additionally, we also show that we care about our recipient’s preferred interests, needs, desires and preferences. That’s what gift giving is all about.

We will explore different personalities to give you a general idea on how this impacts your gifting process.

Architects (INTJ)

Traditions aren’t that important to architects, so they can do without a gift experience altogether. With that being said, these personalities can also be as delighted by a gift as anyone – particularly if it aligns with their interests.

Our recommendation: Give something specific which piques their interests. If your recipient is a coffee lover, then a personalised mug would be a good choice.

Commanders (ENTJ)

Commanders can be difficult to shop for as they are opinionated and straight-shooting, they won’t make a fuss over a gift they don’t like. Fortunately, by paying attention to what items they like, you might come up with something they’ll genuinely appreciate.

Our recommendation: Go with a customised gift. A personal quote or favourite painting that goes on a mug or cushion cover can definitely be much more appealing then the generic gifts.

Advocates (INFJ)

Holidays are advocates’ favorite time of the year – more than any other personality type. We can safely assume that they feel some excitement about gift giving. However, advocates love gifts that’s given with the most thought and care, without much care about the price tags.

Our Recommendation: With any personalised gift you have in mind, include a thoughtful card expressing your gratitude for them.

Logisticians (ISTJ)

I heard someone doesn’t like surprises? Well, logisticians are certainly these type of people. Many of the logisticians prefer to live in a simple, minimalistic home, so typical gifts rarely appeal to them. But rest assured, with a little thought and effort, you can use your creativity to choose presents that do well with logisticians.

Our recommendation: Logisticians can be surprisingly nostalgic, in this case, a photo showing their favourite memories can bring back good times.

Entertainers (ESFP)

The fun of opening up a gift excites an entertainer. Don’t worry too much when choosing gifts as It’s hard to go wrong with these personalities, especially when you choose a gift that suits their adventurous lifestyle.

Our recommendation: Give something that’s fun! Think about face socks with silly faces on them, entertainers will go crazy for them.

To Wrap it up, we summarize the above message in two parts. First, try to understand your recipient’s personality and what they like. Secondly, know the unique characteristics of each personalised gift and the benefits they bring. Most important of all, enjoy the gift choosing process!

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