The Magic Of A Personalised Photo Blanket

The Magic Of A Personalised Photo Blanket

Personalised Photo Blankets On The Rise

A long gone are the times when we could only buy a certain blanket designs, which would be generic, a lot of the times featured by a boring patterns and there was a chance that you could be visiting relatives over the summer break and they would have the same blanket in their living room, you just purchased yourself. Thankfully these days, new digital technologies are offering us many ways of product personalization on a wide range of personalised gifts and things unthinkable to achieve a decade ago are suddenly becoming a reality of our every day lives and photo blankets are certainly taking Australian households by storm. 

Endless Photo Blanket Design Options

No more boring blankets allowed, choose between All Over Printed Photo Blanket personalised by a photos of your choice, being it your favorite panorama city skyline photo from your last road trip, one of your special family moments or your dog just playing on the beach during the sunset, all that can be captured and preserved on your personalised photo blanket.

You can also choose from a multiple photo blanket designs according to occasion if you want to make someone close to you happy, being it a friend, Mother's Day Gift, or present for a Dog Mama with her doggie kids on a blanket, perhaps you can choose from a  multiple beautiful photo collage blanket templates to create a cozy, personalised fleece blanket to snuggle into during those cold winter days.

Three Photo Blanket Sizes

To cover all areas of use, there are three different personalised blanket sizes to choose from. Small photo blanket 75 x 100 cm perfect for a kids bedroom or your furry friends, Medium photo blanket 125 x 150 cm is  great living room choice and Large photo blanket 150 x 200 cm which will keep the whole family warm.

So there you have it, did you already create your personalised photo blanket? If not, The Print Cave Australia has a great selection of photo blankets printed here in Melbourne, so don't hesitate to visit our website and create your first very own fleece photo blanket.