Our top personalised gift picks for 2021 (for every occasion)

In this blog we are going to show you the best personalised gifts for him and her in 2020 and how they can be suited for every occasion. We’ve talked about why personalised gifts are king here, and we believe that they can continue to bring happiness to those around you in 2021. Instead of giving traditional gifts, why not try something that would definitely put a big smile on your loved one’s face? 

Let’s explore ideas of personalised gifts below:

Custom Face Socks

We are one of the first Australian companies to bring custom face socks to Australia. Ever since, personalised socks have been our customers’ preferred choice of gift. We love the versatility of custom face socks as the gift can be accustomed to many different occasions. For anniversaries, father’s day, mother’s day, and graduation just to name a few, there is always a design readily made for you. 

For pet lovers, a personalised pet face sock is a perfect gift to show love and a way to always be with your pet. Imagine going dog walking wearing your favourite dog socks, or just chilling with your pet with one of the socks with the pet face on.

Personalised face socks such as the classic face socks definitely wins your recipient's heart!

Personalised & Custom Made Aprons

Another great personalised gift choice we’ve recently added to the store is personalised aprons. If you know a fellow kitchen lover, then you can always take this gift into consideration on any occasions. Print any words you would like to say on one of our signature aprons such as “King of The BBQ”, “The Grillfather”, “World’s Best Dad”, “BBQ Boss” and “Kitchen Master”. 

Wooden photo block

If you are looking for something truly amazing and unique to give, be sure to browse through our wooden photo block collection. If you don’t know anything about wooden prints, you can check out our recent post “Wooden Prints Versus Metal Prints: Which One Should You Get” to get an idea about the nature of this personalised gift.

For us, wooden photo print is definitely something we consider as a gift for something memorable and one-in-a-lifetime. The durability of our high quality wood signifies the times of life and every wooden photo block is absolutely unique to you. For example, the wooden block is a perfect personalised gift for mum with newborn babies to record those precious memories!

Metal Prints

If wooden print is a product of the past mixed with the future, then metal prints are from the future. Our cutting edge printing technology allows us to directly infuse photographs with the metal, thus creating an art piece that is timeless and matchless. Furthermore, you can choose from 5 different finishes for your metal photo print. They have different characteristics and can produce amazing results with personal preferences. 

As a general rule of thumb, if you want something that is earthy, go for personalised wooden blocks. But if you are looking for an art piece that is modern and futuristic, don’t hesitate to look for metal photo prints. You won’t be disappointed! 

Go with your heart

Now which personalised gifts should you choose for various gifting occasions? For baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, and graduations, we always recommend wooden photo prints and wooden metal prints as a way to store these precious memories. As for other occasions such as birthdays, christmas and gift exchanges, we recommend going for personalised face socks and personalised aprons as they most likely will bring happiness to those you gift to.