How To Make Personalised Socks In Australia: 2 Things You Need To Know

How To Make Personalised Socks In Australia: 2 Things You Need To Know

By now you should have heard about all the personalised socks stories, and how great a gift they are. Now you’re thinking, where can I get a pair? If that’s you, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to learn the two simple things you need to know before purchasing personalised socks.

Choose your preferred type of personalised socks

The first thing you need to know before purchasing is the type of socks you need. Are you shopping for a pet lover? Or maybe it's your friend’s anniversary? We have a wide variety of options available such as personalised classic face socks, couple socks, dog socks, cat socks and the best thing is - they are all custom made in Australia.

If you are looking for the best personalised gifts for fathers, check out our blog post on "The Best Personalised Socks For Fathers".

So how do you choose? Let me break it down for you.

Know your recipient.

Who are you shopping for? For parents and grandparents, the personalised “Best Dad Ever”, “Best Mum Ever”, “Super Grandma”, and “Super Grandpa” socks are perfect gifts. What if my recipient is a pet lover? Say no more, our personalised pet face socks are one of the most popular items at The Print Cave Australia and we heard even cats and dogs love them! The unique designs on these face socks are made by local artists and all you’ve got to do is just send us a high resolution picture of any faces! 

If you’d ask me, are personalised face socks really as good as you say? Well, you can check out our Ultimate gifting guide on how to choose the perfect gift. There are a couple things about face socks that other gifts doesn’t have:

It’s silly and funny

Name a gift that has these two characteristics. The secret about personalised socks with photos is that they are full of surprises. Your recipient will never imagine having their silly faces printed on socks. 

Original and practical

The beauty of personalised gifts is the originality, unlike the usual designs that have been recycled over and over again. What's even better is that face socks are practical and usable in our everyday life.

Get your personalised socks in just 2 clicks

Now that you have an idea on which personalised face socks to go for, let’s look at how to order them. It’s simple really! All you have to do is head over to our face socks page, choose your options and upload your photos. Once you’ve done that, our team will start printing your one-of-a-kind face socks for you.

Upload your photo with various options:


Now that you know how to make a personalised socks, go ahead to our face socks page and see which one you like!