Detail Guide Into Every Design of The Print Cave’s Personalised Face Socks Collection

Detail Guide Into Every Design of The Print Cave’s Personalised Face Socks Collection

Have you ever wondered what types of custom face socks we offer here at The Print Cave? Today we are going to show you each unique style and how they can fit every gifting occasion. For those of you who have never come across personalised face socks before, we can tell you that they are truly an amazing gift. Our printing technology allows you to put any face of your choice on a sock, and it adds so much more value to what was an original, everyday apparel. 

If you want to know what kind of face socks we are offering here at The Print Cave Australia, keep reading! Each of the following styles are unique on their own and they can be a great gift to consider when festivals and celebratory days come.

Classic face socks

First off, we have the classic face socks. This customisable face sock design is one of the first designs we’ve ever done and continue to be our customers’ favourite pick. The simple yet beautiful design features multiple “faces” printed on the sock with a plain background color. If you want your friend’s silly face to pop out, then this design is definitely for you.

You have 4 colors to choose from: White, Blue. Green and Yellow. Additionally, you can choose to have one to three faces on the socks. In our opinion, the merrier the better!

Couple face socks














Have you ever struggled to find gifts for a couple that is celebrating their anniversary or wedding? Well we’ve been there, many times. Personalised couple face sock is definitely something you can consider given its cute and mesmerizing nature. It is a gift that brings value, smiles and good banter.

If you are looking for a sweet gift to surprise your partner in the most amusing way imaginable, then the custom couple face sock is also for you. We can’t guarantee your partner will love you more, but we can guarantee they would love the gift.  

If you are looking for the best father's day gift, read our guide here.

Pet Face Socks

Custom pet socks are a gift and blessing to pet owners. There aren’t many gifts out there that are equally for the pets and the owners. Now you can wear your pet socks while dog walking, jogging, or just chilling on the couch. We’ve even seen several owners put the custom socks on their pets and they certainly love it too!

When it comes to pet socks, you have two options, personalised cat or dog socks. We have three dog sock designs and two cat sock designs for you to choose from, and if you have a different pet than dogs or cats, you can print their face on the custom socks too.

Custom dog socks

If you want to put your dog on socks, then you are in the right place. Feel free to choose from Dog and Bone, Dog and Paw, and Pet Athletic sock designs with the option to print up to three faces onto the custom socks.

Custom cat socks

For custom cat socks , there are two interesting and refreshing designs. One is a custom “cat paw” design featuring your cat’s face and black paws printed onto the socks. Second design features the original “cat paw” and fish skeleton all over the socks.

Tiger king face socks

Love pop culture and netflix? Now you can truly “netflix and chill” with our latest tiger king catchphrase socks featuring colorful styles and two iconic faces on the socks. Get this truly one-of-a-kind personalised socks and funny looking sock to make your friend laugh.

Personalised socks for parents

Thinking about what to give to your parents on mother or father’s day? Look no further! Get the “Best Mom Ever” and “Best Dad Ever” design to show your undying love and ultimate appreciation for your parents. 

Basketball & Soccer face socks

Know someone who lives and breathes sports? Get custom “basketball” or “soccer” socks for basketball and soccer lovers and watch their faces light up. 

Personalised socks for grandparents

Grandparents surely deserve some love. They watch us grow up, and most of the time give us everything we’ve ever wanted. Return the favor and show your love to your grandparents with the “Super Grandma” and “Super Grandpa” socks to make them feel special.

Now that you know all kinds of personalised face socks we have here at The Print Cave Australia, it’s time to go shopping!