Bundle Up! 3 Bundle Gifts Idea For Your Next Gifting Occasions

Bundle Up! 3 Bundle Gifts Idea For Your Next Gifting Occasions

Most people say less is more. Most of the time it’s true, but in the gifting world, bundling up relevant gifts is often a great way to increase the perceived value of the gifts and multiply the happiness level. 

Usually gift bundles consist of items from different niches, for example, home improvements, gardening, art and more. Imagine if all items in a gift bundle are related to one another and close to your recipient’s heart. That’s the type of gift bundles we’re talking about here.

Let’s dive right into it.

Personalised gift bundle for kitchen lovers

From the word “kitchen lovers” we know it has something to do with cooking. And in order to become a “professional” chef or grill master, you have got to have an apron. Now in my opinion, the best gift you can give to a kitchen lover is a personalised apron. It gives you the ability to customize however you want, adding names, quotes and much more.

A great gift that can be bundled together with personalised apron is custom mugs. With numerous beautiful designs available, you can surely choose something that your gift recipient likes. If you failed to find any designs that resonate with you, there’s even a blank “Design Your Own” ceramic mug for you to fully explore your creativity. 

Personalised gift bundle for home decor lovers

Now what about someone who has recently moved into a new house or is into home decoration? Fear not! We have something for them too. Decorating a home is all about personalisation, if you’re looking for ideas to improve your home decor, check out our guide here. More importantly, the items that we use to decorate our home has to match the feel and look of the pre-existing furniture, color, and paint. 

The same logic applies to gifting for home decor lovers. You want to find something that speaks to them, and blend in well with the existing surroundings. Our first gift in the bundle mixes well with any surroundings and practically everyone uses it in their home. 

Cushion Covers

Sounds basic doesn’t it? However, we add a little twist to the common gift: Personalisation. With customisable cushion cover, you can add any text, quotes, design you want and pick colors that fit well with the environment. You can even take it to the next level by adding your recipient faces or their pet’s faces onto the cushion cover.

Imagination is your only limitation here.

Our second gift comes in two options, wooden photo block and metal prints. Both are great options, if you haven’t heard about them then you might want to have a look at our Wooden Prints VS Metal Prints article. The trick about gifting personalised wooden blocks or metal prints to a home decor lover is to take note of their home aesthetics. 

For someone who loves contemporary home design, the metal print is a great choice. It is timeless and looks really cool with the photo directly fused into the metal, giving it a modern and futuristic look. On the contrary, for someone who loves a rustic house decor, the wooden photo block is definitely a great choice. The wooden block is an art piece that is very different from ordinary photo frames, the photograph is directly printed onto the wood and it creates an authentic, natural look. 

It’s truly a piece of art.

Personalised gift bundles for any occasions

If you’re ever in doubt about what bundles to give, pick this personalised face socks plus custom keychain gift bundle. Custom face sock is a light-hearted gift most people would appreciate. I mean, who doesn’t love their faces on socks? Plus, you can give it to anyone; your grandparents, parents, co-worker, partner, close friends, sibling. 

Custom keyring is another practical and extremely useful gift that has ever existed. We’ve talked about why photo personalised keychain is a great gift and we think that it is even better bundled with personalised face socks. Just about anyone uses keys, and almost everyone tends to forget their location. We’re guilty of it too.

That’s it! In summary, gift bundles are a great way to spice up the gifting experience. Check out our collections and start bundling gifts!