Best Selling Australian Face Socks by The Print Cave

Best Selling Australian Face Socks by The Print Cave

Personalised socks became in last few years also thanks to The Print Cave go to personalised gift for the whole family.

Think about that, with a wide range of different designs, for different occasions custom face socks are one of those gifts which never disappoints and keeps giving every time the recipient puts it on.

As we are at the beginning of 2021, we have put together a chart of best selling face socks designs in 2020, so you can get inspired with your next purchase.


Classic Face Socks

Face Socks

Classic Face Socks might appear a bit conservative to some, but its simplicity and clean design makes it one of the best selling products in our store. Mums, dads, grandparents, kids or other animals are often printed on socks with funny facial expressions and we have a lot of fun printing them.

Dog & Bone Face Socks

Pet Socks

No surprise with high raking here, I mean we Aussies love dogs and it seems that we also love to print dogs on socks, because the amount of the cute dogs we are printing on daily bases is huge and has no signs of slowing down. A lot of proud dog owners share with us images wearing the face socks, while walking their dog and we love it.

Custom Face Socks With Hearts

Love is everywhere especially when it comes to family or young lovers, showing their love to loved ones by printing their faces on socks with hearts is a great way how to make your partner or family member smile

Valentine's Day Face Socks Collection

At The Print cave, we have dedicated a whole collection to Valentine's Day, so everyone can find whatever blows their boat, from younger lovers, to experienced couples we have got you covered and you can be sure that your partner will be happy with you choice.

Best Dad Ever Socks

Father's Day is one of our busiest days in the year and rightly so, dad's deserve a huge credit for their everyday dedication and it seems that our face socks make them very happy.


Our personalised socks range doesn't stop there and you can see the full Print Cave range here .

We can promise you that we are working hard on new exciting face socks designs for 2021 to make you all smile again:)