5 Beautiful Festive Season Present Tips by Claire Farley

There are so many delightful moments over the festive season, whether you are celebrating Hanukkah or Christmas or Pancha Ganapati! Whether it’s the fabulous food, thoughtful presents or precious time with friends and family, these moments are golden. So let me help you get ready for some serious festive joy with my top five print cave products. 
  1. Deck the halls with decorations featuring your own precious ones celebrating through the years. From first Christmas baby photos to toddlers wrapped in tinsel these photo baubles tell your family’s story and make great gifts for relatives too. 
  1. Raise expectations with a beautiful personalised Santa sack. Whether for your son, daughter or another precious human in your life you know it will inspire a smile for all the years to come. 
  1. Get the grill ready and make your barbecue chef feel special with a surprise personalised apron! King of the grill? Queen of the kitchen? Or vice versa?! Set the scene for some spectacular cuisine! 
  1. Give a moment of hilarity as every member of your party opens their gift of socks with their, or your, face on!!! Just make sure your camera is ready to capture the joy! 
  1. Whoever they are and whatever they love, there’s a personalised gift for them here. Sporting parent & child matching t-shirts? We’ve got them. Doting grandparent? Give them joy every day with a photo keychain featuring those precious little ones.  Coffee-lover? Make them a mug with memories of great moments from the year gone by.  
Celebrate your holidays in style this year with us at The Print Cave. Cheers! 
Special thank you to Claire Farley for writing this beautiful blog for us.