4 Fitting Occasions for a perfect personalised cushion cover gift

It is no surprise to tell you that we are living in a fast-paced, digital world. It means we communicate via text messages, emails, and social media more often than we know. Although the emergence of the digital world has altered our gift-giving habits and styles, technology has allowed companies to design more personalised and heartfelt gifts.

One example of such an awesome gift is a personalised cushion cover, which features a special message or showcases the person’s photo to whom you want to give a gift. You could also find a wide range of personalised gifts available on The Print Cave, such as custom face socks, wooden and metal photo frames, keychains, mugs, and much more.

The question that many people ask is “what is the best occasion to give a personalised cushion gift?” Well, this is a valid question, and in today’s article, we will tell you about four such occasions.

Mother’s or Father’s Day

Children celebrate and honor their dads and moms on father and mother’s day, respectively. Although traditions are different in all families, giving a gift to your father or mother is very much common and it is a lovely moment where you honor your parents.

You can give them anything, but what about an item that will last longer and keep up with time? Well, a personalised cushion cover that showcases a memorable photo will give your parents a special feeling when they see it.

You may not know, but a mother is usually very keen about home décor. She wants everything to be perfect, including pillows and cushions. Everyone knows that we use cushions a lot and spend up to one-third of our lives napping on them.

Besides, people use them throughout the day for laying down or napping to relax. On the downside, cushion covers often get dirty due to dirt, sweat, germs, and dead skin cells. Your mother will be delighted if you give her a brand new personalised cushion cover that will keep the cushions clean, fluffy, and fresh.


If you happen to have a friend who is moving into a new house, a personalised cushion cover is a perfect housewarming gift. It is not necessary to buy an extravagant gift, contradictingly a meaningful gift is often appreciated and welcomed.  Additionally, You can give your friend, relative, or any other member of the family flowers, a bottle of wine or something that will enhance the décor of their house on top of the personalised cushion cover.

Even if your friend has a nice living room that already has some high-quality cushions, you can further enhance their décor by gifting him or her personalised cushion covers. It is a gift that will do the job in terms of style, décor, meaning, and comfort as well as embellishing the living room.

College Graduation

Open houses and graduation parties are typical as many students celebrate their victories or meeting their goals, after years of commitment and hard work. If someone invites you to attend his or her graduation house party, it’s a great idea to give them a unique gift that will amaze them.

If you want your friend or loved to remember the special day forever, then you could consider to give them a personalised cushion cover. At The Print Cave you design your own customised cushion cover using the 3D customization tool.

For example, you can choose the background color, add your loved one’s photo (the one who is graduating), adjust the size, and many other things. So much so, arriving with your personalised cushion cover at the graduation party and presenting it will make his or her day.


Easter is considered one of the oldest festivals of the Christians that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. Apart from religious celebrations, people celebrate with food, chocolate eggs, and exchanging gifts.

If you want to make the occasion more beautiful, why not print a picture of your loved one on a cushion cover. If you want to make it more interesting, hide a few personalised cushions and play a game with your friends!  

Personalised cushion cover is an excellent gift that we often overlook. It brings warmth and coziness to a space, be it office, living room, or balcony. Plus, its customizable feature allow you as a gifter to add a personal touch to the otherwise normal home accessory.