3 Reasons Why Personalised Mug is the most practical and thoughtful gift to buy

3 Reasons Why Personalised Mug is the most practical and thoughtful gift to buy

The act of giving a gift is a great way to show appreciation and love to your bosses, friends, family, colleagues, or even your pets! However, everyone can agree that choosing gifts can be hard, we’ve all been there. What if the recipient doesn't like my gifts? What are the other options out there? It can be frustrating.

If you want to save yourself the trouble of choosing the “right” gift, think about personalised mugs. Coffee mugs with brand names on them are boring, but personalised mugs with a personalised touch? Absolutely perfect. 

Now imagine how many of your gifts are left collecting dusts at a corner of your house? Well, not with personalised coffee mugs, they are brilliant because they feature great usability and meaningful messages on them. Other than that, personalised mugs are both unique and can almost always bring smiles to anyone you give to.

Let’s look at why we’re so keen on buying personalised mugs as a gift:

It’s personalised

You know from the name “Personalised Mugs” that these mugs are different from the regular branded mugs. Why are personalised mugs perfect for gifting? Well, that is because you can add a personal touch to them. Be it a heartfelt message, some random quote you and your best friend came up with, a photo of your best friend's silly face, your family member’s nickname or just a simple “I Love You” - You have full control over what you want to say. 

With it’s customisable feature, you can show off your BFF’s love while highlighting your recipient's unique style and personality. 

Wide variety of options

We humans are blessed and cursed with choices at the same time. It can be frustrating thinking about what to give to your 10 cousins at the Christmas Eve Dinner. Fortunately, our personalised mugs come with a huge range of options; just give every single one of your recipients unique and personalised mugs! Just imagine the excitement they’ll have when they are unwrapping your gifts one by one.

Let’s take you to a tour of our range of personalised mugs:

Best Ever Mug

Ever want to show appreciation to your dad, sibling, colleagues, mentor or your partner? Well, this “Best Ever” mug is meant for you. Personalise your “Best Ever” mugs with touching messages, memorable photos, and much more. You even have the option to choose the Three Photo Mugs” if you have lots of photos you want to show together in one mug.

Pet Photo Mug

We all know a pet lover around us. Now you have the chance to give a personalised mug with your recipient's dogs and cats’ faces on them, just to remind them how much they love their pets whenever they sip on a cup of coffee. 

Our Dogs and Cats Mugs and Personalised Pet Photo Mugs are perfect for those who have a pet as a family member at home.

Australian Animals Mug

Printing Australian animals on a mug? Count me in! Get one of these mugs for someone who is an animal lover, and you’ll put a smile on them even on their saddest days! Check out our Koala, Emu and Kangaroo Mug, you won’t regret it.

Design Your Own Mug

Doesn’t like any of the options above? No problem! Sometimes we just like to create our own stuff, by squeezing our creative brain juice. If you're one of us, make sure to check out our “Design Your Own” Mugs. These are great when you know your recipient very well, or enjoy designing your very own mugs. Put any photos and messages you’d like on the mug, and we’ll do the rest for you. Even better, we have two versions - Simple “Design Your Own” Mugs and Retro Enamel Mugs.

A great pairing gift

Have you ever thought about pairing up your gifts? Now it has become increasingly common for people to pair up their gifts for an additional touch - Two is better than one, right? Pairing up mugs with another gift is simple, yet thoughtful. 

For plant lovers:

Personalising a gift for a plant lover is easy, place flowers or succulents in the mugs and add on a personalised message specially for them on the mug! 

For someone with sweet tooth:

Mix up some chocolates, sweets, little fudges and put them in the mug. If you want a more personalised touch, wrap all the confectionaries in a cellophane bag with a ribbon. Add on a message to level up your gift!