3 Amazing face socks customisation tips – decorate your home with it instead of wearing them

3 Amazing face socks customisation tips – decorate your home with it instead of wearing them

Most people are on the hunt for the perfect home décor. They buy many different items, such as lights, photo frames, paintings, fancy plants, customized mugs, etc. You may have never heard of people using custom face socks to decorate their living room, bedroom, and hall of their homes.

However, this is something unique and gives a fresh touch to your home. Many people will consider it a bit bizarre, but when it comes to creativity, decorating your home with custom face socks is a brilliant idea.

The question is how to do this? Well, in today’s blog, we will give you three amazing face socks customisation tips that can help you embellish your home perfectly. Before that, check out who's face you can put on custom face socks here!

Hang Face Socks on the Wall

Custom face socks are fun and playful items that allow you to give a custom or personalised feel to your home décor. For instance, if you have a small living room with an empty wall that has nothing on it, you can hang a few pairs of custom face socks.

One idea is to print each of your family members on each pair of socks and hang them on the wall. As opposed to traditional photo frames, these decorative custom face socks can bring a new feel to your home surroundings.

At The Print Cave Australia you can pick the beautiful designs you like or even designing on your own! You can easily make a perfect pair of custom socks focusing on the color, your photos, and design.

Now, how to hang them on the wall? For this, you need a few hardware types of equipment or tools, such as a hammer, nails, tape, glue, etc. You can also use glue to attach them on the wall. One unique way is to draw the first letter of your name using 3-4 pairs of colorful custom socks. Before you hang them on the wall, make sure you choose colors that go in line with the background wall color.

You can also hang them on your bedroom wall right above the bed. For your bedroom wall that already has some color and personality, consider to frame your custom face socks, which will pop against the backdrop.

If your bedroom wall is black, we recommend hanging some white color custom face socks against it. Black color is a perfect background for incorporating face socks, white frames, and other things.

Hang them on Plants

Caring for plants is very challenging for many people. For example, the type of plant, the climate you live in, and the time you spend caring for them determine their freshness and life span.

Although you décor your home with many types of plants, such as orchids, rose plants, and others, the best way to hang your custom face socks is to have a succulent plant or cactus. Even though these plants are lively and green, they are desert plants and well-suited to almost all environments.

Plus, even if you use needles to attach your custom face socks on these plants, it won’t affect them.

This way, you can have both green and beautiful custom face socks designs in your home. We recommend you to place the pots in different areas of your home, for example, in the hallway, living room, and next to the bedroom door.

Add them to your ceiling’s medallion

Another way to use your custom face socks for decoration is by hanging them with your ceiling medallion. If you already have one installed at your home, you can attach or hang a few pairs of custom socks on it.

These are great decoration objects, and if you have small children, you can play with them. For example, you can say something like “where is your dad, son?” and your son will point towards the medallion that has custom face socks with your photos on them. It is fun, isn’t it?

Moreover, if you are looking to have a master bedroom makeover, you can decide to paint its ceiling medallion a dark color and hang some light color custom face socks. You will love how these custom socks will make the chandelier attractive, unique, and stand out. You can get the best custom face socks of high-quality material with awesome personalisation at the Print Cave.

That’s our thoughts on using custom face socks to decorate your home. If you have any creative ideas, comment below to let us know!